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In 2002, my yoga journey began when a running injury led me to my first yoga studio, guided by the advice of my sports medicine doctor. As I immersed myself in the practice, participating in various yoga events and intensive workshops with Baron Baptiste, the desire to deepen my understanding of yoga took root. This led me to embark on a ten-month-long teacher training at Spira Power Yoga in Seattle, WA, culminating in the attainment of my yoga teaching certificate in 2015. Presently, I am dedicated to furthering my knowledge through a 300-hour yoga certification. I extend my teachings to live online platforms and RV events.

The path to teaching yoga unfolded unexpectedly when I began hosting wine yoga parties with a fellow instructor. Through this experience, I rediscovered the profound joy and fulfillment derived from aiding others in achieving their goals. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute and make yoga accessible to individuals of all skill levels, ages, and body types, with a particular emphasis on those over 40 or 50, individuals with body sensitivities, or anyone seeking to infuse fun and happiness into their practice.

My passion for teaching extends beyond traditional settings, finding joy in sharing yoga outdoors and infusing adventure into the practice. With the transformation to Yoga Beyond Years, my aspiration is to continue spreading the love for yoga while exploring innovative avenues to bring its benefits into people’s daily lives!

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